There has to be an easier way to do this. I have a page with a list of
29 options utilizing checkboxes. The options that are checked get put
into a mysql table as a 1 and the options not checked get entered as a 0.

So the table looks like this

id    cs01     cs02     cs03     cs04

1        0         0             1         0

2         1        0             0         0

3         0        0             0         1

The problem I'm running into is getting these things back out of the
table. I only want the columns where the answer is a 1. What I'm doing
right now looks like this:

$getPos = "SELECT * FROM pos WHERE id = '$id'";

$getPos_res = mysql_query($getPos,$conn) or die(mysql_error());

while ($getPos_info= mysql_fetch_array($getPos_res)) {

$getPos_cs01 = $getPos_info['cs01'];

$getPos_cs02 = $getPos_info['cs02'];

$getPos_cs03 = $getPos_info['cs03'];

$getPos_cs04 = $getPos_info['cs04'];


Then I use a series of IF statements to filter out the variables
containing a 0 so that on another page I can view only the options they
selected and leave out the ones they didn't. Obviously this takes a
crazy amount of code to accomplish this way. Is there some way, using
something like mysql_fetch_array or in my SELECT statement, to just get
the data containing a 1? Or can someone propose an entirely different
way of accomplishing the same thing?

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