I am trying to send an order number from a confirmation page to another
form and insert it into the order number field on the new form.  Can
anyone tell me what I am doing wrong??!!


Here's the portion of my code that has the link (it passes




if(isset($_POST['Cellular_Service'])) {


                echo ("<table width='100%' border='3' cellpadding='0'
cellspacing='0' bordercolor='#990000' bgcolor='#FFFFCC'>

  <tr class='style5'>

    <td align='center'><b><font size='3'>In order to complete your
cellular phone request, you are REQUIRED to REGISTER the cell phone(s)
with the FSU employees through their FSUID. Please go to the <a
rder['Order_Number']."\">Cell Phone Registration Form</a> to complete
your order. Thank you! </font></b></td>






Here's the page it goes to (it puts nothing in the Order Number field):




    <TITLE>Cell Phone Registration</TITLE>

    <LINK href="tsr.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">


<BODY class="style13">

<TABLE width="500" border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0">

    <FORM action="thankyou.php" method="post" name="cellform">

        <TR class="style13">

          <TD height="57" colspan="4" align="center"
valign="top"><H2><IMG src="images/OTC.jpg" width="300" height="75"></H2>

          <H2>Cell Phone Information</H2></TD>


        <TR valign="bottom" class="style13">

          <TD align="center"><INPUT type="text" name="OrderNumber"
value="<?php echo (['OrderNumber']); ?>" size="15" /></TD>

            <TD align="center"><INPUT type="text" name="FSUID" value=""
size="20" /></TD>

            <TD align="center"><INPUT type="text" name="UserName"
value="" size="25" /></TD>

            <TD align="center"><INPUT type="text" name="PhoneNumber"
value="" size="15" /></TD>


        <TR class="style13">

          <TD align="center" valign="top">Order # </TD>

            <TD align="center" valign="top">FSUID</TD>

            <TD align="center" valign="top">User Name</TD>

            <TD align="center" valign="top">Phone #</TD>



            <TD colspan="4" align="center">&nbsp;

type="submit" name="new_record" value="Add Line" />&nbsp;&nbsp;

                                  <INPUT type="reset" name="clear"
value="Clear" /></TD>







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