julian wrote:
Dee Ayy wrote:
no worries.... I give up. It is really weird I know.... Hope some day I
will get enlighted.

In one file,  any method within a class is happy with the global
$db...on a different (same file !!!) class no method is happy with
accessing $db via global...

So you confirmed that you are using "global" instead of what you
posted to the list as "globals"?

So yes...... after so many tests, copying / pasting comenting / cleaning...somewhere buried there was a $db->close()... which afterwards was rendering the db connection useless.......thus following classes were not able to use the object even though it was there.

Heh everyone has done that at some time I'm sure :) My next suggestion was going to be to make sure you're not overwriting or using the $db variable somewhere in your code (which then affects the global $db variable)... Another pretty common mistake.

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