You can use regular expressions in mysql to check for the right format, but (as far as i know) you can not return any matches: SELECT * FROM table WHERE column REGEX '[0-9]+';, which returns all records where column has a digit in its value.

In PHP however, you can easily get the matches:
$var = preg_match('/(\d+)/', $string, $matches);
You can find the first occurring digits of your string in $matches[1].

If your $string is of this form: string = [0-9]*[a-zA-Z]*|string, so digits and alpha characters are mixed, I guess you'll need to do something like implode $matches[1..n] if you're using the regex above.

Shelley Shyan wrote:
Hi all,

It's really frustrating, I got a problem to trim a string using MySQL's 

The fact is that I want to rtrim a number from a string, that is:
if the string is   abc2321413412, I want the function to return 2321413412;

Is there a faster way to manage that?

The faster, the better. :)

Thank you for your consideration and waiting for your answer. :)


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