On Dec 10, 2007 1:05 AM, Tim Daff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Here is the error code I am getting:
> Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 550 5.7.1
> Unable to relay for [EMAIL PROTECTED] in C:\Domains\logosunlimited.com.au
> \wwwroot\contact\processquote3.php on line 284

    To me, this says that your code is probably still fine, but that
the server on which the logosunlimited.com.au domain is hosted may not
realize that the domain lu.com.au (presuming the `lu` stands for
`logosunlimited`, and is another of your domain names) is a local
domain, if it is.

    I'm not exactly certain how you'd handle that with Exchange
(you're using Windows, so I ignorantly assume you're using Exchange),
but in Linux, using Exim, Qmail, or a similar system, you'd need to
modify /etc/localdomains.

    Either way, it looks like it's not a PHP issue, which might get
you off the hook with your boss.... but have your server/network admin
take a look at why lu.com.au isn't on the permissible relay list.

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