This may be of help I found that in mysql manual (

To perform the task of upgrading database names with the new encoding, use |ALTER DATABASE /|db_name|/ UPGRADE DATA DIRECTORY NAME| instead (see Section 11.1.1, "|ALTER DATABASE| Syntax" <>).

But this is intended when upgrading to mysql 5.1 so if while upgrading to the new phpmyadmin you have updated mysql then this probably does it for you in any other situation try experimenting with the collation / encoding.

PS Why don't you try replication instead of exporting / importing data??


O/H elk dolk ??????:
Hi everybody, 1- I have created a database in the remote server and I have the same
  database in my local machine ,which is configured as IIS server.
2- MySQL server in my computer is configured as follows: Default-character-set=latin1 for CLIENT SECTION Default-character-set=latin1 for SERVER SECTION 3- I have populated my local database and tested it , it works fine. 4- Using 'SELECT' I put the data from my local database in a text file together with SQL commands and upload it to remote server (Import) 5- The above procedure was working well until they upgraded the phpMyAdmin to 6- The problem I am experiencing now is that: when I upload data to remote server using (Import)I see question marks ????????????? instead of normal text in the 'description' and 'title' fields of the database. 7- It seems that it is character set& collation problem but I can't figure it out! Any idea ? ---------------------------------
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