If I make a test table with a field that is DECIMAL(4,2), I can:

INSERT INTO `testaa` ( `a` )

Then I can
SELECT * FROM `testaa`

I get '8.00' from the 'a' field.

It looks like you're using an abstraction library? Perhaps that's the problem?


On 12/15/2007 07:13 PM, Ron Piggott wrote:
INSERT INTO rate_plans VALUES ( '12', 'One Week', '1', '2', '2',
'8.00' )

When I use
$advertisement_rate = mysql_result($rate_plan_result,0,"rate");

$advertisement_rate has a value of 800 instead of 8.00 --- how can I get
my 2 decimal places back?


On Sat, 2007-12-15 at 18:18 -0800, Micah Stevens wrote:
What's your insert statement?

On 12/15/2007 05:11 PM, Ron Piggott wrote:
How do I get the decimal point back when I am retrieving from a column
that is set up as:

rate decimal(4,2)

Example: Right now it is giving me 800 instead of 8.00


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