In that case be so kind to inform me that place where you try to send me. I have not found any exact information on offical php website on where it is necessary to ask similar questions...

And why isn't for you the big reason to consideration of the given problem my bug-report (certainly if you have familiarized with it).
It is a typical task.
I've a branched process where each of separate treads wishes to obtain data from a database.

A question:
Can we make a separate file handlers for mysql connection sockets for every new connection using mysqli library in future releases? IMHO this should be very usefull for peoples. I saw tens messages at various forums and some in bug database on this subject ...

I doubt it's going to change without a really big reason why, in which case you'll have to discuss it on the -internals list where they make such decisions.

Dmitry Shukaylo          // DBS2-RIPE, CAT-UANIC

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