I'm getting a health insurance quote engine going...


... it sends me an email with the info, and enters the info into a "leads" 
table in mysql.
  Then I want to have it show the rates (on a new page using $_GET) from a 
table I have setup with the rates of multiple companies. Since the rates are 
based on age and gender and it could be 1 or 2 people plus the possibility of 
adding children (the total rate is just the sum of each persons individual 
rate), I've been working on making a recordset for the primary applicant, the 
spouse, and children and telling it to add them together. (that seems like the 
easiest way, but I'm a newbie)

My question: is there a php function or a way I can create the 3 recordsets in 
Dreamweaver and tell it to just add them up and display the results in a repeat 
region? And is this even the best way to approach it?

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