On Jan 3, 2008 3:56 AM, Ben Stones <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you for your help previously everyone, I was able to fix that problem.
> The thing now, is that I want to add smileys to the messages; i.e. :) would
> equal to a smiley image when posting a message.

    Where you want that, add this:

$smile = array(':-)' => 'smile',
        ':)' => 'smile',
        ';-)' => 'wink',
        ';)' => 'wink',
        ':-P' => 'tongue',
        ':P' => 'tongue');

foreach($smile as $p => $v) {
        // The following is done to allow the regexp to function normally.
        $p = str_replace(')','\)',str_replace('(','\(',$p));
        $post = preg_replace('/'.$p.'/U','<img
src="/graphics/smileys/'.$v.'.gif" />',$post);

    This assumes that you have smiley images in /graphics/smileys/ and
that they're .gif images named as shown in the second part of each
array item.

    Also, keep in mind that, before you insert ANY user-posted data
into your database, you should escape it.  For example:

    $post = mysql_real_escape_string($post);

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