Hello all,

Having a problem with the behaviour of switch when mixing variable types. Eg

$page = 'review';
switch ($page) {
        case 0:
                echo "0";
        case 'review':
                echo "review";

this code interprets $page as 0 in the switch. It's not a problem to
alter 'review' to a number, just less elegant. Can anybody shed a
little light on mixed variable types in switch statements please?
While browsing the manual I noticed it performs "loose comparison" but
that seems to be the same as == ?

My guess is that it's converting '$page' from a string to an int to do the comparison because you don't have quotes around it.

If you do:

echo (int)'review';

you get 0.

If you look at the Loose Comparisons table here:


In the "php" column (second from the right), when compared to 0 without quotes it evaluates to true, so it's expected behaviour.

So change it to:

case '0':
  echo '0';

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