so far i know, if u want to use web service with php and mysql, i
suggest u use soap, because native php support this kind of webservice
(php-soap), u can use function based service for this kind of webservice
and also because of soap is XML-RPC with a lot of
feature.( .

but if u use some framework wich support permalink, u can use REST like
in Ruby On Rails.

for SOAP, u can use some webservice helper like nuSOAP(deprecated with
php5) or php2wsdl or php wshelper => ( i use this to create
wsdl based on class from database table).

$P$ $T$ wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry this may not be related to php-db list. I do not have much
> knowledge about webservices but would like to know, which is better
> way of implementing webservices with PHP-MySQL
> And why? What are the parameters that we should be looking for before
> deciding on mechanism?
> Thanks,
> Pravin

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