I wouldn't think there would be a result set from a mysqli multi_query when the query is a group of insert statements (there is no auto_increment column), but I get a "commands out of sync" error on my next query.

Originally, I had:

      foreach ( . . . .
$sql. = "insert into psc (pid, lft, rgt) values ($pid, $lft, $rgt);";
     if(!$mysqli->multi_query($sqlgeo)) {
              echo $mysqli->error;
. . . [next sql statement, which fails with the "commands out of sync" error]

Now, the only solution I've found is to change my simple multi_query to:

       if($mysqli->multi_query($sqlgeo)) {
do{if($result=$mysqli->store_result()){$result->close();}} while($mysqli->next_result());
               echo $mysqli->error;

It seems like there should be a better solution than my current one?

Thanks for any suggestions,


Using PHP 5.2.3, MySQL standard-5.0.27 on Debian Etch

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