Not completely sure what type of result you expect, but here's one that makes 
sense to me.

SELECT tour.record_id, tour.event_start_date, tour.event_end_date, 
tour.event_name, angler_results.result
FROM tour
LEFT JOIN angler_results
ON angler_results.tour_id = tour.record_id
AND angler_results.angler_id = 1

I've taken out the CASE - I personally never worked with that and I'd probably put a 
default value of 'N/A' in the column angler_results.result. The DISTINCT has to go 
too, I'm guessing that the relation tour.record_id ->  angler_results.tour_id is 1 
-> *. The LEFT join CAN stay (as far as I know OUTER is only necessary when using 
ODBC or for maintaining compatibility with it, and then I'm still not sure what it 
does), if you want to have all rows in tour regardless of the join condition with 
NULL values for angler_results.result where tour.record_id is not in 
angler_results.tour_id. To leave out the NULL values use an INNER JOIN instead.


Bastien Koert wrote:
Hi All,
Got myself stuck in a little sql here and can't seem to work out what I am doing wrong SELECT DISTINCT (tour.record_id), tour.event_start_date, tour.event_end_date, tour.event_name,CASE WHEN result is NULLTHEN 'N/A'ELSE angler_results.resultEND CASE FROM tourLEFT OUTER JOIN angler_results ON angler_results.tour_id = tour.record_idWHERE angler_results.angler_id =1 where the table TOUR is as above in the primary part of the select and table ANGLER_RESULTS is (record_id, tour_id, angler_id, result) Any ideas? Bastien _________________________________________________________________

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