You'll need an oracle - oci8 expert for this. A little googling told me that in order to use user defined data types (and i guess enhanced build in data types as GEOMETRY too) you will need oci8 functions (, specifically the function bind_array_by_name() (

In general, and I bet you do, keep the oci8 function overview close (


Hebat-Allah Farag wrote:
Dear all ,
I am stick since 2 days at the same point, I am using 10g, PHP my problem
now is how to fecth the X, Y , z coordinates from the geometry column to
view it on my web page, i don't understand the (SDO_ORDINATES), what is its
type & how i can deal with it. my simple code is:

I got an error on the last line as (ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes:
expected CHAR got ARRAY )
i don't know how to deal with this resultset.

If anyone could help please replay.

Thanks for your help

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