On 22 Feb 2008, at 11:01, Tim Daff wrote:
                                        $page = case;
                                        if ( $page = "contact" ) {
                                                echo "<li 
id=\"contact-active\"></li>"; }
                                        else  {
echo "<li id=\"contact\"><a href=\"./?page=contact\">Contact</ a></li>"; }

$page = case; will be raising a notice which you're obviously not seeing. So, step 1 is to edit PHP.ini on your development machine so error_reporting is E_ALL, and display_errors is on. You'll need to restart your web server for this change to take effect.

The case keyword is not valid outside a switch block. What you want to be doing is comparing "contact" etc with $_GET['page'] which is the variable the switch statement is using.

Additionally you are using a single = which is the assignment operator, so each if statement is assigning the quoted string to $page not testing for it. You need to use == to do that.

I would suggest you buy a book on PHP for beginners, or Google for an introductory tutorial because these are pretty basic syntax mistakes.



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