do you mean that you have a primary key on table a with an fk to table b? and 
on table b you have a primary key and an fk to table a?
if so, you've created a circular referential integrity constraint. The table 
deadlocks since the values must exist in the other (tables a and b) table. 
There are several solutions:
1. if the db supports it, use deferred constraints (check the docs)
2. remove one of the FK constraints from one of the tables 
> Tue, 26 Feb 2008 09:17:30 -0300> Subject: RES: [PHP-DB] INSERT query with 
> Primary and foreign key> > This is more SQL than PHP, how did you create your 
> constraints?> > Did you set insert on CASCADE?> > -----Mensagem 
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> Assunto: [PHP-DB] INSERT query with Primary and foreign key> > Hi,> > I need 
> help to insert date into two tables when tables have primary and> foreign key 
> relationship using php. I tried simple INSERT query but foreign> key colum is 
> storing NULL.> > Regards> > Nasreen> > > > 
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