How can I send multiple values from a form to be stored in a database, as
name of the fields is the same?

For example:

foreach ($field_data as $field) {


<input type="hidden" name="field_id" value="<?php echo $field_id;?>" />
<td><strong><?php echo $field_name;?><strong></td>
     if ($datatype=="text" || $datatype=="integer") {
            echo "<td><input type=\"text\" name=\"field_data\"></td>";
     elseif ($datatype=="textarea") {
          echo "<td><textarea rows=\"10\" cols=\"100\"
      echo "</tr>";

This creates a form with field names and text box or textarea box next to
each field name depending on the datatype. After the user enters the
values in the text or textarea and clicks submit, the values should get
stored in a database. But what is happening is that only the value entered
in the last field of the form is getting entered into the database.
This code is embedded in an application which is having an inbuilt
structure of taking the values from a form in a hash. Since key is the
same (i.e. field_id) everytime, the value gets overwritten and only the
last value gets stored in db. But I am not able to work out a solution for
I hope I am able to make my problem clear enough.


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