Dee Ayy wrote:
Is there something which can perform a query across different database systems?

It would extend the database.table.field notation to maybe
dbms.database.table.field and allow queries across MySQL and MSSQL

I don't think so.

Both mysql and mssql would need to know how to parse that syntax and make it all work (besides other problems like database permissions, different connection strings and so on).

Depending on how much data you are looking to move from one to the other, you could get mssql to export to a csv file (if it supports it - no idea) then get mysql to import it. Either use the csv storage engine ( or load it into another table using 'load data infile' (

If you need to do it on the fly, my only other suggestion would be to set up two database connections - one for mssql and one for mysql and aggregate the data in php.

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