Hey guys,


I know this is a php-database forum.

I have tried other forums, and no one seems to be able to help.


I need some help on formatting issues.

I am trying to create a table that will fit with in my template.

I do not want the table width to push the template.

I need to have three teams across with three columns in each column.

I want to have the first and last name all one on one line.

But, no matter what I try to do. 

I can not make it the way, I want to. 

Can anyone help me with this formatting issue?


Should I just go to my fly out menu and add another submenu with the team

And have a page for its own team? I eat Barbarians.html?


Right now the page looks like this.



It is almost, their. However, as you can tell the players name is not


I want the table to look similar to this one.



I know the example, has more room to play with. 

But, it still should be feasible in my template.


Can anyone please look at my code and the CSS.


I do apologize for the confusing code, in advance.


I am using a template and extension.


I do plan to modify that in the future.

For now though, I would just love to fix this issue, so I can complete the
UFL Fantasy Rosters Links.


Thanks, for your help in advance as well.



Karl James

HYPERLINK "http://www.theufl.com"www.theufl.com





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