Richard Dunne wrote:
In my code below, I am trying to verify that the query is selecting data from both rows of my answers table. I have run the query on my MySQL CLI and getting answers from both rows, but running this script I get $rows = 0. I can't figure out why its not returning 2 for the number of rows. It is not giving me any error msgs such as cannot connect.
Also can tell me where I can find documentation on resource id #, such as 
DEFINE ("host","localhost");
DEFINE ("user","root");
DEFINE ("password","pasword");
DEFINE ("database","questions");

$connection=mysql_connect(host,user,password) or die ('Could not connect' . 
mysql_error() );

if (!$dbConnect) {die ('Could not connect to database' . mysql_error() );}

$result = mysql_query("Select answer from answers where 
studentID='A123456789'") or die(mysql_error());
$rows = mysql_num_rows($result);
echo $rows;

Still no luck then. Try selecting the DB without the connection parameter:


And don't forget to set error_reporting(E_ALL) above your code.

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