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You still did not RTFM as Stut told you 4 days ago. I'm pasting here the
entire conversation with the subject "Resource id #5":

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On 27 Mar 2008, at 17:51, Richard Dunne wrote:
> Can someone explain how I can translate Resource id #5 which 
is what I 
> am getting from the code below?
> $result = mysql_query("Select answer from answers") or 
> die(mysql_error()); $resultArray = explode(',',$result); for 
> ($i=0;$i<sizeof($resultArray);$i++)
> {
>       echo $resultArray[$i];
> }

For the love of $DEITY, please read the frickin' manual: 
http://php.net/mysql . You've been asking similar questions 
around this topic for the past few days and you clearly haven't 
moved forward in your understanding.

The mysql_query function returns a resource. If you print a 
resource you get the text "Resource id #n" where n is replaced 
with its ID. To make use of this resource you need to use 
functions like mysql_fetch_array, mysql_fetch_assoc or one of 
the many others detailed in, you guessed it, the manual. Try 
it, you might like it.



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De: Richard Dunne [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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Assunto: [PHP-DB] resources and resource types

When I did a search on "resource(5)" within the PHP online 
documentation, I found the resource page resource.php. While 
although it lists all the resources used with mysql, it does 
not mention how resources are related to resource numbers as 
above. A query such as a row count on a table results in an 
integer value.  What is the best way of accessing or converting 
the integer value from the resource? I can't see any particular 
function in the function list which does this, without getting 
into strings or arrays, or have I missed something blaringly 
obvious, hope not?

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