That description did not help us very much... I think you're just connecting using the wrong credentials, or using no at all. From where do you grab the hostname, username and password? Maybe it's stored in your session or something, and that session is not working in your command line environment..? It could be just about anything that's your problem! :)

My advice is to take a look att the parameters using to connect to the server, maybe echo them to stdout before doing your connect... It might be that they are not defined when running your script on command-line.

In general, very few script are written in such a way that they work the same way in a webserver environment and on command line. You should design your scripts for either the environment.

Krister Karlström, Helsinki, Finland

Molteni Davide wrote:


I have a problem with all my php scripts that use MS SQL Server, but only
when I start them from the command line
I'm using Apache 2.2.4 with PHP 5.2.5 on a server Win2k3 with SP2, and MS
SQL Server 2000 on another Win2k3 server.
If I run the same script using a webbrower as an internet page it works
but if I run it from the command line (c:\>php scipt.php) I will receive
messages like this:
"Warning: mssql_connect(): Unable to connect to server: servername,1433 in
c:\script.php on line #"
Can someone have an idea what could be the problem?
Can someone please help me?
What should I do to make it working?
Tanks a lot in advance.


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