The question is.

Some nestled calculation.
How did club freedom did the calculation, or how will the database structure
looks like?

*The example is -: *

*Joseph* gave birth to *John*, *James,* and *Johnson*
*John* gave birth to* Peter*, *Matter*, and *Potter*
James gave birth to Juliana, Justin, and *Jane*
Johnson gave birth to Jak, Jake and Jacob

Continuously like that,
Peter the son of John also gave birth to another 3 children
And the 3 children also keep giving birth to 3 children each,  so
How can I calculate the Total descendants of Joseph?
How can I calculate the total   descendants of John or any of the grand

Because each of the children also start having grand children, while Joseph
grand descendants increases.

I want to use MySql/PHP
The concept is Like or ClubFreedom

All I want to do is to know who bring who?

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