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> Rick Taylor wrote:
>> I'm new to PHP and having issues.  We have seperate servers for them.  We
>> can use ODBC to test the connection and it works fine.  However, when we try
>> to run the site we get a message of *** Error: Unable to Connect to
>> Database. Please Try Again Later. ***
>> We are using a custom app that we aren't getting a lot of assistance with.
>> The relevant lines in the app are:
>> define("DBHOST", "//database server name");
>> define("DBUSER", "user");
>> define("DBPASS", "password");
>> if(!$dbCon=mssql_connect(DBHOST,DBUSER,DBPASS)) $error = "Unable to
>> Connect to Database. Please Try Again Later.";
>> Can anyone assist a noob php user?
>> thanks
> Thanks for removing any extraneous/irrelevant code.  Nice, well-laid-out
> question.
> The obvious follow-up-question presents itself, so forgive me for asking if
> I'm underestimating, but you didn't mention whether or not you were quoting
> it verbatim, or whether you had replaced your database host, userid, and
> password from the code before you pasted it here.
> Just in case it's the really obvious problem, you should be aware that you
> are expected to fill in those lines as relevant to your MSSQL server.
> For example, if the MSSQL serer was living on a server called "TORFOX001"
> (or "//TORFOX001" in the MS local-network naming format), and you'd set it
> up with a userid "zippy" with password "pinh34d", those lines should be
> modified to read:
> define("DBHOST", "//TORFOX001");
> define("DBUSER", "zippy");
> define("DBPASS", "pinh34d");
> -P
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You can also set the IP address of the MSSQL server as the host


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