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I am involved in writing a mapper extension wherein I take a api of mysql
extension like mysql_connect() and map it to db2_connect() and
then connect to the database and return the connection handle to the
script(.php file). The *problem involved* is with the *resource types*. In
the connection handle structure of my extension there is a field which is
the *pointer* to the *db2 connection handle*(conn_handle *connection).After
I establish the connection to the database and then use the *connection
handle* to *close* the connection to the database, I face problems.In the
connection handle of my extension I have fileds like
database,username,password etc which I am able to *access properly* but when
I try to access the *db2 connection handle* fields through the
*pointer*present in my connection handle structure (conn_handle
*connection) I get
segmentation fault. Is it that the an extension cannot return values(a
resource type in my case) to another extension. Please do suggest what wrong
I am doing.

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