If I wasn't clear I am trying to figure out how to save an array in a
mySQL table, both the array and it's value ... in this instance the
product reference and the quantity the customer has decided on.  Ron

On Tue, 2008-05-13 at 23:11 -0400, Ron Piggott wrote:
> I am writing a shopping cart.  I am now ready to take the order from
> being in a session variable
> $_SESSION['product_selected'][$product_reference_number] to store it
> into the orders table.  
> While the products selected are being displayed in a loop I have the
> piece of code
> $final_order .= $_SESSION['selection'][$product_reference]
> Of course this is only capturing the quantity of $product_reference, not
> assigning the array to $final_order and the quantity being ordered.
> I am trying to maintain inventory control in my shopping cart and want
> to be able to query the orders table to find out what products have left
> so I don't sell something I don't have.  
> Ron

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