Hi all,
  The following code is created by Dreamweaver 8 , it shows 18 records per 
page. I  want to limit the total number of records to 54 that means it should 
show only the first 3 pages, but as it is not a simple query I can not use 
LIMIT , it is already  used in sprintf.
  Could someone tell me how can I do this?
  $currentPage = $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"];
  $maxRows_showerPagination = 18;
  $pageNum_showerPagination = 0;
  if (isset($_GET['pageNum_showerPagination'])) {
    $pageNum_showerPagination = $_GET['pageNum_showerPagination'];
  $startRow_showerPagination = $pageNum_showerPagination * 
  mysql_select_db($database_DB, $DB);
  $query_showerPagination = "SELECT name, cat FROM theTable WHERE number > 0 
ORDER BY number DESC";
  $query_limit_showerPagination = sprintf("%s LIMIT %d, %d", 
$query_showerPagination, $startRow_showerPagination, $maxRows_showerPagination);
  $showerPagination = mysql_query($query_limit_showerPagination, $pager) or 
  $row_showerPagination = mysql_fetch_assoc($showerPagination);


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