Hi Yves,

As the error object should be an PEAR_Error object then the function $result->getUserInfo() should give you the information you need.

An example being:
$record_sql = "SELECT * FROM non_existent_table";
$record_result =& $mdb2->query($record_sql);
if (PEAR::isError($record_result))

_doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement]
[Last executed query: SELECT * FROM non_existent_table]
[Native code: 1146]
[Native message: Table 'database.non_existent_table' doesn't exist]



Thanks for trying to help, but that's what I'm doing already.
I already know if something's wrong. But instead of a MySQL error reference
I'm only getting "MDB2 Error: syntax error" in return from the getMessage()
function. I want to obtain more info regarding the error (such as foreign key
constraint incompatilibities). Obviously I can copy the query subsequently to
SQLyog or another tool, but that takes more time.


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Hi Yves,
to understand if an error is occured you can use the static method
Pear::isError($db) where $db is an instance of MDB2 object.
To get the specific error you can use the MDB2 method getMessage()

Hope this help,



What's the equivalent of mysql_error() and mysql_errno() in MDB2?

When I'm sending an incorrect SQL-statement to the server and it fails, all
I'm getting is "MDB2 Error: syntax error".

Thanks in advance,

Yves Sucaet
Iowa State University

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