I have an HTML form which has more then one fields. User can precise its search 
using one or more input fields E.g GigName,Date, Genre,Venue. 
The data is coming from 3 tables.  Below Query brings one tables record with 
each and every row of other two tables. Could any one please help me sort out 
the query.
select * FROM gig g, venue v, genre ge  WHERE g.gigName LIKE '%".$gig_name."%' 
OR g.gig_date LIKE '%".$sdate."%' OR ge.name LIKE '%".$genre."%' OR 
g.ticket_price LIKE '%".$ticket_price1."%' OR g.ticket_price LIKE 
'%".$ticket_price2."%' OR v.venueName LIKE '%".$vname."%'"
If I replace OR with AND I dont get any result.


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