At 03:23 AM 7/10/2008, Thodoris wrote:
>Why don't you work this around. Since you may do anything with strings in php 
>using the (.) operator try this:
>$a = array('string1','string2');
>$str = implode("','",$a);
>$str = "'".$str."'";
>print $str;

Thanks, but this is missing the entire point of my question, which is *can it 
be done with PDO prepared statements*.  These solutions you're proposing do not 
involve PDO's prepared statements.  I already know how to do SQL queries by 

Anyway, per my latest message, I found where in the PHP manual it implies that 
PDO prepared statements cannot be used with the MySQL IN function, which speaks 
to my original question.

Thanks for trying!

- TK 

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