I am having trouble getting this script to populate the query data into a pull 
down menu.

The SQL script works fine and displays the data with odbc_result_all but will 
not put it in the menu.

Script is as follows:

$conn = odbc_connect("HOMES", "", "");
$billdate = $_POST[ 'billdate' ];
$query = ("SELECT DISTINCT sls_his_cust_id FROM sls_his where 
sls_his_prchdat_alt = $billdate");
$result = odbc_exec($conn, $query);

echo  "<FORM method=POST action=getcustdata.php>";
echo  "<SELECT name=column_name>";
while($row = @odbc_fetch_array($result))
echo  "<OPTION VALUE=\"$row[0]\">$row[0]</OPTION>";
echo  "</SELECT><INPUT TYPE=submit name=submit VALUE=\"Get Results\"></FORM>";

Any ideas?

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