Hi Everyone,

I am attempting to wrap my head around an issue and wanted to see if I was thinking right.

I am attempting to setup a pURL site, one where they go to something like: example.com/purl.php?purl=jason1234 and the site says "Welcome Jason". I have that part of it working, and it's pulling the info from the database just fine, what I'm wondering about is locking it down a little bit more so that they can't just edit the info in the main page, but they have to specifically hit a button to edit the info.

Is it better to have 2 connections to the database with 2 separate logins? One for the initial load which just has select privileges and a second for when they hit edit which then gives them update privileges?

Or, should i just do 1 login with select, and update privileges?

Any ideas or suggestions?



Jason Pruim
Raoset Inc.
Technology Manager
MQC Specialist
11287 James St
Holland, MI 49424

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