Your index.php looks very strange:

> <?PHP
> <form method="post" action="purlprocess.php">
> ....
> </form>
> ?>

I'm guessing you're echoing this? I never echo from my scripts so I
don't know if this is new functionality, but in my days you echoed
either by <?="...";?> or by <? echo "..."; ?>.

Anyway, since you're using the $_POST variable, did you check if it
contains any values? You can do this with var_dump($_POST); Let us
know what the results are.

Another tip:

> $FName= $_POST['txtFName'];
> etc

is terrible practice - if anybody writes an SQL command into one of
your textfields it WILL be executed; this is called SQL injection. A
less terrible scenario, but still one that messes up your page, is if
somebody uses quotes. So always use mysql_real_escape_string() on your
post variables before using them in a query.

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