> 1) having separate databases for each blog = fast
> (problem: what if I will need to do search in all of the blogs for some
> article?)
> 2) having all blogs in one database - that might be 10 000 * 100 articles =
> too many rows, but easy to search and maintain, hmm?

The answers on your question depends on the architecture of your
software - if you really expect to have a big site, you'll have to
design the interfaces between the several components of your system,
both on hard- and software level.

Generally speaking I think it's easier to use one database per user -
it increases portability and scalability - you'll be able to
distribute your database servers easier.

> I am thinking of  having some file etc. "cms-core.php" in some base
> directory and every subdirectory (= users subdomains) would include this
> "cms-core" file with some individual settings. Is there better idea?

Use WordPress ;-)

Again, remember simple concepts of software engineering. Be careful to
implement a system that depends on one component to work - this
point'll easily become your single point of failure. I'm not just
joking about wordpress, why develop another system in the wild world
of open source CMS's? Take a look around - it'll save you loads of
development headaches.

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