I have the following function:

function add_item($item_name,$item_desc,$item_price,$item_man_id,$item_cat_id,$item_pix)
   if($item_pix == "")
$sql = "INSERT INTO items (item_name,item_desc,item_price,item_man_id,item_cat_id) VALUES ('$item_name','$item_desc','$item_price','$item_man_id','$item_cat_id')";
   else {
$sql = "INSERT INTO items (item_name,item_desc,item_price,item_pix,item_man_id,item_cat_id) VALUES ('$item_name','$item_desc','$item_price','$item_pix','$item_man_id','$item_cat_id')";

I am using the if statement because i want it so that if no picture is uploaded the entry is blank and the mysql database has a default entry of na.gif which is a "picture coming soon picture".

It works fine when i run in localy on MAMP, but if i run it on my web server it doesnt add the row.

Is this a compatability error? or is there a better way to write this?


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