Well, we're actually in the process of developing a DB that's only accessible
through XML/XQuery. But before we add new features it would be good to get an
idea of what the needs are "in the field", sort of speak.

So instead of artifically trying to map a DTD to an RDBMS scheme, our engine
can accept any XML-content that you want to put into it. After that, it's
simply a matter of firing XQuery statements to the engine to get the data you

We're thinking about building a PHP driver in order to offer outside
connectivity (right now GUI and engine are too tightly coupled).

Ideas, considerations, thoughts, suggestions...?

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Yves Sucaet wrote:
> Hi List,
> I was wondering what strategies people are using to handle large volumes of
XML data:
> How do you store the data? e.g.: Text-files, databases (which one)...?
> How big are your datasets? e.g.: MB, GB, TB...?
> What do you use to query the data? e.g.: PHP w/ text-files, SQLServer with
"for xml" clause...?
> Finally, what limitations do you experience currently when handling XML?

Take a look at openstreetmap.org
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Planet is several GB of XML data.
The only way of handling it to use it IS via a database, and it has scripts to

dump it to various databases.
So what large volume are you thinking about?

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