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Could you guys share your development setup, like what kinds of software (IDE's/Editors) you are using for developing php scripts? It might sound silly but I am just curios, as I just got started in php programming en i have firefox + kate/bluefish + LAMP built with gentoo. Im mostly thinking that with only firefox and some logs left /var/ log or so, its not enough for me..Im looking for something like an IDE which can allow me to debug code in steps in central manner approach (ide), simplicity and efficiency...u know what i mean? :-D

Just kiddin bout simplicity ;-)

this has been discussed quite a bit over the years, but I just thought I'd pipe up since I was in your spot a little over a year ago... What I did then, and still do when I can't figure it out from the error log is just a lot of echo "N"; through the application. That way, when I see it makes it to 5 but not 6 I check the code between 5 and 6 and I can usually spot the problem now.

If nothing else, it'll help you narrow down the problem before asking questions here which most people are more then happy to do :)

Also... If you are dealing with databases (Since this is the DB list :)) I'd recommend to echo out your db statements to make sure you are doing what you think you are doing... Can't tell you how many times that screwed me up...

Just my experience, take it or leave it :)


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