I am working on a blog system and I am currently thinking of what would be the best DB approach.

I have read lots about wordpress and other blog's optimizations and DB structure, but I have not found any mention of having separate database for each blog/user.

So, my question is, which one is performance better (talking about 1000 blogs):

a) 1000 blogs * 5 (let's say we will have tables like comments, post... for each blog) = 5000 tables in one database
... this is Wordpress default

b) 1000 databases (for each blog) each having 5 tables

c) 5 databases by 1000 tables - in this case, won't this be an issue when SELECTing like this: [db_comments].testblog, [db_posts].testblog ?

Is that a controversial topic? :-/

Thanks for ideas,

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