Well, *technicaly*... you could open a socket to the MySQL server and talk to
it, but that's probably a bit much, so...

You never mentioned what kind of server this is. Is this on *nix or Windows?
And do you have access to the php.ini file at least so you can enable the
mysql extension?

Other than that, I think your idea of putting a script on a second server to
get your data would work just fine. You could have the second script even send
back your requested data in XML or use Ajax to populate tables on the
client-side rather than the server side. It may even make your application run
more smoothly (and definitely scalable).



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I am trying to access a mysql database server from a php 5.2 server that
doesn't have mysql installed on it.  I don't have access or the ability to
reinstall php on this server.  Is it possible to install mysql after php is
installed and up and running?  


If it is not possible, what would be the best solution to accessing the


The best solution I could think of would be to require a php file that is
running on a server that I have control of and that has mysql installed and
using that  file to call the database to get the information I need.


Thanks for any help.





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