Greetings to the group.  We have a PHP4 application that we moved to SQL server 
2005 from SQL server 2000.  Everything seems to work fine except for so far we 
have found 2 queries that "break".  Pointing back to the SQL Server 2000 
server, they work fine again.

Closing the gate once the horse is out, I then began googling and it appears 
that there is some controversy over whether PHP4 works with SQL 2005?   So far 
everything but this works so I'm wondering if there are some php INI settings 
and/or SQL Server settings that might make the 2 get along better..

Any help appreciated in resolving this without having to do an overnight 
forklift port to PHP5 (would that it be that easy..)

Weaver Hickerson, President
LightSpeed Technology Group
770-787-0880 ext 3011

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