TG wrote:
Thanks for the response, Chris. I have analyzed, optimized, checked, etc. Everything looks relatively good/healthy on the server side of things. It is MyISAM. That's one thing I don't really know very well, the benefits of the different DB engines.

Not sure if I'm going to be able to see a process list when there are problems because the problems are really intermittant.

When I do "show processlist" logged in as the same user, I don't see anything else executing.

The client gets an average of 600 hits per day on their site. Nothing too crazy. That's the other thing that's driving me nuts. They get traffic, but it shouldn't be so much that it's causing issues ilke this.

Shouldn't have to make such radical changes for this site. All I can think is that it's an issue with their server and/or other customers on the same shared server.

Too many customers on the same server imo. 600 hits a day is nothing and if it takes 7 secs to update one column, that's just plain ridiculous.

Not sure how you "prove" that to the host though..

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