> I decided to install php from source. I have installed the core
> modules only. Is that possible to install additional modules 〔such as,
> gd, ming bcmath etc〕after installing php core modules without
> compiling the entire source code?

Try not to top-post.

If you need the flexibility to add additional extensions that are not
modules installed using pecl it is better to use a package system. Most
distros are including in their repositories php modules like php-gd,
php-soap, php-mssql etc. Why compile if you don't need to.

This of course can be used if compiling php for performance is not
mandatory. If otherwise have in mind that you need not only to compile
the modules against the same src tree but to configure the src tree the
same way as the installed php. Thus you will have to keep the original
src you used to install php on the first place. At least IMHO this is
the best practice.


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