This doesn't take into account the page - o - mation though.

The query that determines which up to 18 images display on the
thumbnails page is:

SELECT * FROM photo_gallery_category INNER JOIN photo_gallery_index ON
photo_gallery_index.photo_gallery_category_reference =
photo_gallery_category.reference WHERE
photo_gallery_category.category_name = '$photo_gallery_category' ORDER
BY photo_gallery_index.filename ASC LIMIT " . ( ($page*18) -18) . " , 18

I see where you are coming from Chris.  What I need to know is from the
18 images which has the most recent last_update value.  I need the site
map to match what is being displayed on the thumbnails page.


On Thu, 2008-11-13 at 14:28 +1100, Chris wrote:
> Ron Piggott wrote:
> > I need help with a site map I am making using PHP. The site map is of an
> > online photo gallery.
> > 
> > In the code below I am trying to determine the <lastmod> value for the
> > photo theme (category) thumbnail image pages.  Each of the photo theme
> > (category) pages may display up to 18 thumbnail images and then the next
> > web page is made.  I use page-o-mation to offer the subsequent pages for
> > photos that are of similar content.
> > 
> > The code below is what I have come up with so far.  Where I am stuck is
> > determining the most recent photo_gallery_index.last_update value for
> > the up to 18 photos thumbnails which are being displayed.  
> select * from table order by last_update_time desc limit 18;

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