Alice Wei wrote:

Hi, I am trying to accomplish a task of which I have to copy the data from one table to another. The problem is that whenever I tried to perform the action of copying the data through this method, although the data gets copied, it performs reiterative copying that causes my program and my server to crash.
  Here is the code snippet:

  #Empty Temporary Array
  $tmpHolder = array();
  $tmpHolder2 = array();
#Loop through parts list
  foreach ($stringChunk1 As $part) {
#Create a single statement and stuff it in your tmp array $tmpHolder[]=" LIKE '%{$part}'"; }
  foreach ($stringChunk2 As $part2) {
#Create a single statement and stuff it in your tmp array $tmpHolder2[]=" LIKE '%{$part2}'"; }

  #Join all the parts together, placing an OR between each element
  $string3= join(' OR ', $tmpHolder);
  $string2= join(' OR ', $tmpHolder2);
  $total=$count_chunk1 * $count_chunk2;

 //Entry a New Query Entry into scenarios table
   $query3="INSERT INTO scenarios VALUES('$scenario_name')";
   $result3=mssql_query($query3) or die ("The query has failed");
#Search for the Regions and Incidence ID $query_both="SELECT incidence.ID,regions.ID from incidence,regions WHERE ($string3)AND ($string2)"; $result_both=mssql_query($query_both) or die ("The query has failed");
  while($row_both = mssql_fetch_array($result_both)) {

   $incidence_id= $row_both[0];
   $region_id= $row_both[1];

 //Enter entry into scenario elements table
//  $query14="INSERT INTO 
region_id,incidence_id,market,number_sales,number_defer,customer_satisfaction FROM 
scenario_elements_2,regions,incidence WHERE $string2 AND $string3";
//  $result14=mssql_query($query14) or die ("The query has failed");
I have to comment out the code snippet above because it creates something like 30000 entries to the database. Could anyone please tell me if this is the error I have from my PHP, or is it from my SQL statement? How would I go about fixing this issue?

An insert into select doesn't need to use a loop, you can use just one query:

insert into scenarios(field1, field2) select field1, field2 from other_table where ....

the db will (internally) loop over the results and do the work.

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