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Fred Silsbee wrote:
> I have Fedora 9  and Oracle 11g1

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] oci8-1.3.4$ phpize also tried phpize.php
> bash: phpize: command not found

I know on Redhat EL you need the php-pear and php-devel RPMs to get
pecl, pear and phpize.

> the README says to run ,/configure but there is only config.m4 and
> config.w32

phpize creates configure.

> I am trying to get a PHP connection to Oracle 11g1
> <?php
>         if ($c = oci_connect('hr','hr','//localhost/lmkiiiGDNSID')) {
>                 echo "Successfully connected to Oracle.\n";
>                 OCILogoff($c);
>         } else {
>                 $err = OCIError();
>                 echo "Oracle Connect Error " . $errtext;
>         }
> ?>
> I get no errors just doesn't work!

Given the previous build failures it's unlikely this code will run.

If you haven't set display_errors to On in php.ini you won't see any
automatic PHP errors.

Also, your error printing code should look like:

  echo "Oracle Connect Error " . $err['message]';

For information on OCI8 there are a number of books available,
including my free PDF book at http://tinyurl.com/f8jad.  (A new
version of this book should be out in the next week or so: I've just
finished my edits on it.)


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