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Fred Silsbee wrote:
> install Zend?...never! I have Fedora 9 and 11g1 Enterprise
> I have Apache working and Oracle 11g1 installed and working!
> Zend installs both of these and could screw up my working system.

Zend Core for Oracle will use your existing Apache.

It installs Instant Client 10gR2 in its own subdirectory and that
should not affect any DB.

> Here is what I get from a browser for phpinfo.php:

> oci8
> OCI8 Support       enabled

Great, you have PHP OCI8 installed correctly.  I assume your 11g DB is
running fine too.

Now use SQL*Plus to connect to your database (from the machine where
Apache/PHP is installed) and record:

  (i) the various Oracle-related environment variables set

  (ii) the connection string used

Then, set those environment variables before starting Apache.  Run a
script <?php phpinfo(); ?> and check in the "Environment" section that
they are all there.

In your PHP oci_connect() command, use the same connection details as
you did in SQL*Plus.  For example if you connect as:
    sqlplus hr/hrpwd
then use
    $c = oci_connect("hr", "hrpwd");

Or if you connect like:
    sqlplus hr/[EMAIL PROTECTED]
then use
    $c = oci_connect("hr", "hrpwd", "LMKIIIGDNSID");


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