Well, if you're using some good database layer, you can have for example insert.php file with query template and give it some parameters.

$arr = array(
   'field1' => 'value1',
   'field2' => 'valuer2',

$query = layer::query('INSERT INTO [table]', $arr);

Then you will need just to prepare you're posted values for inserting (remove submit button from POST array etc.). If you have you form inputs named after fields in database, you should have no problems.

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Hey There -
I could use some suggestions / advice here. I have to create several update and delete scripts for two different areas of a site. For example "Update the News, Update an Event, Delete News, Delete Event" and so on. Instead of writing 4 separate scripts that updates and / or deletes records in MySQL, what would be the best approach in having an 2 universal scripts that updates and another one that just deletes?

Does this make sense?

Here's a breakdown:
Events - Update / Delete (events table)
News - Update / Delete (news table)
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