Have you tried oci_pconnect() instead of ocilogon()?

Also, I have encountered some issues on Win32 with the instant client
and PHP5.
Try installing the full client and testing again.

Neil Morgan

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Subject: [PHP-DB] Unable to Login to Oracle 9i-R2 Database Using PHP


I'm running PHP in ISAPI mode with IIS accessing (or attempting to
access) an Oracle 9i database on a RedHat box. Here are the versions of

Web Server: IIS v5.1
PHP: 5.2.5
Database: ORACLE v9i-R2

I am attempting to load a page with the following code:

//Database credentials
$username = "MyUser";
$passwd = "MyPassword";

//Return the database connection
OCILogon($username, $passwd, $db);

I receive an error stating, "Fatal error: Call to undefined function
OCILogon() in C:\Documents and Settings\afortuno\My
Documents\Dev\DBAIntranet\ghr_resources\transaction_report\adam.php on
line 7"

I'm able to use SQL Plus to login to the database I'm interested in.
This gives me the impression that my credentials are not the problem;
however, the plumbing between PHP and Oracle is the culprit. 

I initially had problems loading the OCI extension DLL. I resolved the
issue by installing the Oracle 10g instant client. Here are the steps I
followed as part of that process:

(1) Download Oracle Instant Client Package Basic (v10.2.0.4) for Win32

(2) Unzip the contents downloaded zip-file.
(3) Move the folder to the "C:\Oracle" directory.
(4) Add the new folder (C:\oracle\ora102ic) to the PATH.
(5) Restart IIS (e.g., C:\> iisreset).

The error message couldn't be more vague, and I'm not experienced enough
with Oracle, IIS, or PHP to know where to turn for more insight. Any
help would be appreciated.


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