Ay many other users recognized, there is a bug in the implementation of the function "_php_ibase_quad_to_string". (imho since version 5.2.1)

The line "spprintf(&result, BLOB_ID_LEN+1, "0x%0*" LL_MASK "x", 16, *(ISC_UINT64*)(void *) &qd);" doesnt work as estimated. The result stored inside qd isnt the value convertet from the string, but something else. Normally this should work, but it doesnt.

One possible solution is, to change the line into "spprintf(&result, BLOB_ID_LEN+1, "0x%0*x%0*x", 8, qd.gds_quad_low, 8, qd.gds_quad_high);"

Of course, this solution isnt the fine way ... but it works.

The problem occured onto a 64bit System (Fedora Core 8).


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